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Reasons to Hire Filipino Workers

  • Faith

Every Filipino carries in his/her heart a strong assurance that the Divine Being guides and watches over each and every one of us.

  • Intelligent

Filipinos have a good understanding or quick to comprehend to a given task; easy to learn new things and adapt to new environment as well as culture.

  • Language

English is widely used which makes most Filipinos bi-lingual. English is used as medium of teaching in schools, aside from the native language, Tagalog.

  • Independent

Filipinos are known to work at an early age and even go to work overseas as early as 18 years old; to help and support the family’s basic needs, very family oriented.

  • Peaceful

Filipinos display tranquil or calmness in settling their professional and personal issues, most can even have a good laugh even during hard times

  • Innovative

Filipinos are known for its creativeness when it comes to work.

  • Nurturing

Every Filipino grows and learns under the wing of a mentor who instills the sense of love, compassion, heroism and courage.

  • Optimistic

Filipinos have the tendency to take the most hopeful or cheerful view of matters or to expect the best outcome on every given scenario.

How to Hire Filipino Workers

The Philippine government closely monitors and regulates the deployment of Overseas Filipinos workers worldwide; therefore, foreign employers/principals that would like to employ a citizen of the Philippines must first be accredited with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) - the industry’s governing agency and is also the government’s arm that manages the migration of Filipino workers overseas.

An employer/principal who has identified Pioneer Asia Manpower International, Inc. as his/her Philippine agent, must submit a MANPOWER REQUEST FORM / JOB ORDER FORM for Pioneer Asia to advertise the job vacancies, pre-screen and conduct preliminary interviews for employer’s/principal’s final selection.

All the necessary recruitment/employment documents must be submitted to the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) which is found at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate for verification.

This process ascertains:

  • The existence of the company or project;
  • The need for Filipino manpower.

If there is no POLO at the jobsite, the employer shall undergo the POEA accreditation process with assistance from its Philippine Agent, Pioneer Asia for hiring Filipino workers.

Document Requirements for Accreditation of Principals

For land-based principals, they should submit the following:

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA) written on the company official stationery with letterhead. SPA states Pioneer Asia as the principals appointed AGENT in the Philippines.
  2. Manpower Request/Demand Letter/Job Order written on the company official stationery with letterhead describing the category, number of workers required and compensation package.
  3. Master Employment Contract signed on all pages by the Principal or his/her representative, with minimum contract provision; This contract will be reviewed and must conform to the standard imposed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
  4. Proposed Service or Recruitment Agreement Contract stating the role of principal/employer and Pioneer Asia Manpower International, Inc.
  5. Copy of valid commercial registration and business license with official English Translation issued and authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce or a relevant government office, including information on business activities, number of years in operation and volume/size of current labor force;
  6. Passport or National Identification (ID) Card of the Proprietor/Partnership/Incorporate or of the Authorized Representative;
  7. Certification or Acknowledgement from POLO office.
  8. Contingency plan as may be applicable.

NOTE: Items 1, 2, 3 & 4 must be duly verified and authenticated by Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) located in the host country before they can be sent to Pioneer Asia Manpower International for accreditation at Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Recruitment Details

Job Order / Demand Letter

Employer need to submit data which includes the job vacancy, job description, qualification of candidates, number of vacancy and the remuneration package.


Using print media, local government units and internet to pool for candidates.

Identify and Screen Applicants

Screening of applicants received in response to advertisement that qualify according to the given Job Order / Demand Letter.

Submit Shortlist of Candidates

Short listing, scrutinizing data according to the skills, knowledge and aptitude for the job position.

Tests and Interview

Trade tests for skilled workers; Interview conducted by the employer either through video conference or personal interview.

Selection of Candidates

Employer confirms on their selected workers.

Document Requirement for Overseas Employment

  • Bio-Data/Résumé/Curriculum Vitae - with job descriptions
  • School Credentials
  • Certificate (Trainings / Short Courses)
  • Employment Certificates
  • Recent Colored Photo (2x2 & Full Body) –2 copies
  • Valid Passport of at least 2 years and 6 months
  • National Bureau of Investigation Certificate
  • Trade Test Certificates (for Skilled Workers)
  • Board and License Certificate (for Professionals)
  • Local Civil Registrar Birth Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • PSA Marriage Certificate (for Female Married Passport Holders)
  • Pre-employment Orientation Seminar Certificates (PEOS)
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    Select Professional / Skilled worker image

    1. Register
    2. Take the learning modules
    3. Review your learning
    4. Print your Peos Certificate

    All applicants must register or fill up the POEA E-Registration
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Application Process

Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)

The PEOS is a public information service provided to any individual who is contemplating of working overseas. it is an educational strategy for worker protection and empowerment given to the general public and prospective job seekers who would like to voluntarily attend the seminar.

Medical Examination

Selected workers need to pass the medical examinations as prescribed by host country.


Selected workers will be oriented on the details of jobsite, work or company related regulations, culture, compensation, fringe and benefits and other related matters with regards to the host country.

Job Order Acceptance

Selected workers will then accept the job order by signing on the master employment contract / company employment contract.

Administrative Process

Document process of VISA filing and work permit purposes.

Travel Arrangement

Booking for selected workers flights bound to jobsite.


Selected workers must attend a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) conducted by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), in addition, to the in-house orientation, topics includes: how to go about with our international airport, the host country’s applicable labor laws, food, culture, lifestyle and company’s regulations.

Resume Advice

Your future starts from your Résumé

A well written résumé is paramount to making a positive impression to potential employers. Realistically, employer or HR staff will look at your résumé for about 30 seconds and only if impressed will dig deeper, so make your résumé easy to scan, with the important information highlighted on the first page.

Be sure to use a simple font and effective spacing. Be specific and concise. Information in your résumé should always be tailored and relevant according to the job/role you are applying for

Do always include:

  • All of your contact details: complete name, complete address, valid telephone/mobile numbers and email.
  • A summary of your education and qualifications, with your highest qualifications coming first, should include dates (Month and Year), type of institution, location and type of course. If your academics are poor in relation to work experience, they can come at the end of the résumé, and focus on work experience.
  • Include a summary of your technical skills and years / months of experience with each. This can be in point or bullet style.
  • List your employment history; the most recent coming first. Projects and specific areas YOU worked on are key points
    • Briefly describe your responsibilities
    • Give highlight key achievements
  • Share why you want to be part of their company or why you want to work overseas
  • Do not use abbreviations – most of foreign employers are not familiar with our local
  • Be sure to review your résumé each time you will submit to a prospective employer.

Ideally your résumé will be 2 pages maximum unless you are at 10 - 20+ years of experience, in which case possibly 4 pages.

Remember that your résumé is meant to highlight your skills, experience and achievements. It should be clear, concise, and professional. Your personality shines through in your interview.

Interview Advice

FACE-TO-FACE Interview:

The most important thing to do for an interview is COME PREPARED!

Make sure you are armed and ready to answer any and all the questions posed by a potential employer. The better prepared you are means the less nervous you will be, the better impression you will make and the better chance you have of securing the job. Research the company. It is very important to have good knowledge of what the company does, their history, business culture, and their plans for the future. Make note of recent changes in the business, or the launch of new products and services. This shows initiative as well as interest in the work and the company. The more relevant things you can discuss with your interviewer, the better. Research on the country that you are going, a little truthful knowledge about the people, customs, culture and even the workplace ethics will help you give an edge during the interview. Dress appropriately and be on time. Know where you are going and how to get there, to avoid for the delays in your travel.

Review your résumé and if possible have it close at hand for reference. Be able to discuss your skills and achievements in detail and with confidence. Be specific about your strengths and experience.

Be polite, friendly, and remember your manners! Address the interviewer as “Mr.” / “Ms.” or “Dr.” until they tell you to call them by their first name. It should go without saying, but don’t swear and don’t use slang. It is important to be personable and likeable while being professional. Be yourself, but be the best possible version of yourself. Employers simply do not want to work with people they don’t really like. Shaking hands should not normally be given due to some countries are not into this customs not unless the interviewer extend its hand. Make sure to go easy with the handshake. Mind your diction and accent, applying for an overseas job will mean good and clear English, so practice in front of a mirror, record your voice and listen and improve if necessary. During interview, it is advisable to sit just half portion of the chair, make sure your hands are free from any items and that hands should be lower than your elbows, never cross your legs and your arms. Remember to listen to the questions and answer them accordingly, maintain an optimistic eye contact. You may ask related questions at the end of the interview but not the salary. You can ask the salary and other benefits when you are already offered the job.

TELEPHONE Interview:

Often your first interview with a company will be a telephone interview. Prepare for these as you would for a face-to-face. Make sure you have confirmed who will call who and at what time. Take time differences into account – example: 6pm Philippine Time means 1pm Bahrain time. It is suggested to take the interview call in standing rather than sitting as it makes you more alert and focused. Make sure to have a glass of water with you. Speak clearly and pay attention to avoid “ums” and “ahs”. All the rules that apply to face-to-face interviews still apply for telephone interviews!

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